How To Complete The Urban Country Challenge In BitLife


In This blog post How To Complete The Urban Country Challenge In BitLife, BitLife Game is a popular life simulation game that regularly offers interesting challenges that players can complete to earn rewards and bragging rights. One of the interesting challenges is the Urban Country Challenge. So it will be very helpful and useful.

Batlife, designed by Candywriter, is a virtual life simulator that allows you to control your characters from life to death. This is an urban country challenge that started on May 18 and will be live for the next four days. Read also How To Complete The Seaman Challenge In BitLife

How To Work The Urban Country Challenge

You have to complete five missions to complete the Urban Country Challenge.

  • Be born a female in Louisiana
  • Become an R&B artist
  • Remove a platinum R&B album
  • Become a country musician after releasing a platinum R&B album
  • Release a platinum country album.
  • Gender: Male or Female (no restrictions)
  • Country: United States (since the challenge is centered around American urban and rural lifestyles)
  • Attributes: High looks and health will help you in various aspects of the game.

How to Be Born a Female in Louisiana in Bitlife

In this game, you have to be born in the state of Louisiana, whether you are a woman or a man, leave your life in the presence of your character, and start anew with the female gender. and set the New Lands as your birthplace. Advance your character by choosing music as an ability. Read also How To Become An Astronaut Bitlife Game Guide

How To Complete The Urban Country Challenge In BitLife

How to Become an R&B Artist in Bitlife

To advance to the next level you must become an R&B artist so your character must be at least 18 years old. Go to Special Career Select Music Car and select Edition as Solo Arts Keep trying until you get the Rhythm and Blues (R&B) money. Note that you need to buy specials before you can finish a musician’s career.

How To Complete The Urban Country Challenge In BitLife

How to Release a Platinum R&B Album in Bitlife

This step may take you a little longer as it may shorten your luck. To complete this, go to the job section and select the album, then see the correct timing and a title with song rewards. Make an album It’s fair to say that an album doesn’t have to hit platinum right away.

How to Become a Country Musician in Bitlife

Now your character has to change the country from your work and R&B so quit your current job and apply for your music as a solo artist keep watching your audition until
Your contract is not found.

How to Release a Platinum Country Album in Bitlife

In this last step you have to present yourself as a country musician, wait for the chance of a new album, and then be ready to knock on the deal, because a platinum album to complete the challenge. Will have to issue. Read also How To Make The Most Money In BitLife Guide


Completing the Urban Country Challenge is an enriching & exhilarating adventure. By planning meticulously, packing wisely, engaging with local cultures, documenting your journey, and prioritizing your safety, you can make the most of this adventure. Welcome the diversity of urban and rural landscapes, and let the challenge transform your perspective on travel & exploration.

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