How To Become An Astronaut Bitlife Game Guide


How To Become An Astronaut Bitlife Game Guide, Hello Friends, Are you a BitLife Game enthusiast dreaming of exploring the cosmos? Becoming an astronaut in BitLife Game can be a thrilling & rewarding career path. This guide will walk you through the steps to achieve your interstellar ambitions and secure your place among the stars. Follow these tips and you’ll be piloting your way through space in no time.

If you miss a step in the right path due to a small mistake, you will lose the opportunity to go to places beyond the earth. Graduating as an astronaut takes a lot of hard work, but the payoff is worth it.

How To Become An Astronaut Bitlife Game Guide

Betty Life is an exciting live simulation game where you control the life of a character from birth to old age. If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming an open player but couldn’t do it in real life, BitLife lets you fulfill that dream through your in-game character.

Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming an Astronaut in BitLife

Before considering this profession, you must purchase the exclusive Astronaut Career Pack for BitLife. Although it comes free with the game with the Boss Mod attachment, those who don’t have this add-on will have to buy it as an extra feature. Unlike choosing a career in The Sims 4 or other simulation titles, multiple steps in the process are unlocked when you purchase the right materials. Download Bitlife Mod Apk Version.

The bitLife Astronaut Special Career costs $4.99 and is included with Boss Mode for free, but if you don’t have it, you’ll need to purchase it separately.

How To Become An Astronaut Bitlife Game Guide

There are three tasks for your character to become an astronaut: get a STEM degree, go to a space academy for training, and finally apply to the space agency. The first step here can be confusing, but your character just needs to enter the university to start studying. When you graduate, sign up for a science, math, engineering, or technology major to earn a STEM degree at BitLife.

Astronaut Special Career Guide

You’ll have to follow the steps below to become an astronaut in BitLife:

  • Buy the Astronaut special career pack
  • Get a STEM degree and pilot’s license
  • Go to Space Academy and train your performance
  • Apply to a Space Agency and become an astronaut!

You must finish each step in this exact order, so prepare for a long journey ahead.

How To Become An Astronaut Bitlife Game Guide

Tips for Success

  • Patience is Key: Becoming an astronaut is a long and demanding process. Stay patient and persistent.
  • Keep Improving: Always look for ways to improve your skills and knowledge. Continuous learning is crucial in this field.
  • Balance Life: Ensure a good work-life balance to maintain your character’s happiness and health.

Becoming an astronaut in BitLife is a challenging yet rewarding journey. By following these steps and staying dedicated, you can achieve your dream of exploring the cosmos. Good luck, future astronaut!

Space Academy

After graduating from university, players will be required to apply to Space Academy and train for two years to become an astronaut. The following requirements must be fulfilled or else your character will be rejected:

  • Pilot’s Licence
  • High Health Stat (75%+)
  • High Smart Stat (75%+)
  • STEM Degree
  • No Criminal Record

Buying the Astronaut Special Career Pack

Before becoming an astronaut in BitLife, you’ll have to purchase the Astronaut Special Career pack. The Astronaut pack costs USD 6.99 or your regional equivalent, meaning you must spend real money to pursue this job. Fortunately, if you previously bought Boss Mode, you’ll get the Astronaut career for free.

Excel in School

Study Hard: Consistently study and aim for high grades. Participate in extracurricular activities to boost your academic profile.

Maintain Good Relationships: Keep a good relationship with your teachers and peers. This can positively influence your school life and reduce stress.

Good Health: Maintain good health throughout your early years. Regular visits to the doctor, a healthy diet, and staying active are crucial.

How To Become An Astronaut Bitlife Game Guide

 Focus on Science and Mathematics

As you progress through school, pay special attention to science and mathematics. These subjects are crucial for a career in space exploration:

High School: Take advanced classes in science and mathematics. Join related clubs and participate in science fairs if available.

University: Aim for a degree in a relevant field such as Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, or Computer Science. Secure scholarships if possible to ease the financial burden.


After graduating high school, players must attend University and later, the Space Academy for two years. Players should apply for courses majoring in the STEM field such as:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Information Systems
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Emojis listed below may differ from heirlooms found in the game.

How To Become An Astronaut Bitlife Game Guide

Apply to Become an Astronaut

With sufficient experience and a strong educational background, you can apply to become an astronaut. Here’s how:

Check Job Listings: Regularly check the job listings for astronaut openings. It might take a few tries, so be patient and persistent.

Maintain Peak Physical Health: Astronauts need to be in top physical condition. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and routine medical check-ups are essential.

Graduate with Honors

Graduating with honors will improve your chances of landing a job at a space agency. Maintain high grades throughout university and consider pursuing a master’s degree for better prospects.

Pass the Astronaut Training

Once accepted into the astronaut program, you’ll need to complete rigorous training. Focus on maintaining your health and intelligence during this period:

Training Modules: Complete all training modules diligently. This may include physical fitness tests, simulations, and technical training.

Stay Healthy: Avoid injuries and illnesses. Regular exercise and a balanced lifestyle will help you get through the training successfully.

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