How To Complete The Seaman Challenge In BitLife


in this blog post How To Complete The Seaman Challenge In BitLife, Do you want to enjoy the ocean? a new challenge of the Up BitLife game is The Seaman Challenge In BitLife they want to fulfill. So you have come to the right blog post in this we are going to tell you the complete write-up guide that will enable you to complete the Simen Challenge in bitLife.

BitLife is an exciting life simulation game that promises you to follow the life path of your favorite character and complete their own challenges. The very interesting thing about this game is that it is a weekly challenge that gives you the advantage of following a different and unusual lifestyle. Read also Freecine Mod Apk

How To Complete The Seaman Challenge In BitLife

The challenge of this game is that you get to be a Migr in the Seaman Challenge, a retired sailor who will get a chance to become a Marine for a while if you are ready to explore calmer waters. If so, this guide might be useful for you.

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How to complete the Seaman Challenge

To achieve the Seaman Challenge in BitLife, you will need to complete the following specific tasks:

  • Being born a man in Alaska.
  • Get an honorable discharge from the Navy.
  • Be a crab fisherman.
  • Buy a $2M+ yacht.
  • Sail 3 times on your $2M+ yacht.

Start a New Life or Use an Existing One

Start by either starting a new life or utilizing an existing character. It’s often easier to start with a new life to control the early decisions more actually.

Become a Male

Provide your character is male, as some challenges in BitLife might have gender-specific requirements.

 Join the Navy

To join the Navy, you’ll be required to follow these steps:

How To Complete The Seaman Challenge In BitLife

  • Graduate High School: Focus on completing high school with decent grades. Use the “Study Harder” option each year to ensure you graduate.
  • Apply to the Navy: After high school, go to the “Occupation” tab, then to “Military” and select “Navy.” Pass the interview and physical test to enlist.

Serve in the Navy

Once you’ve joined the Navy, serve diligently. Here are some tips to ensure a successful naval career:

  • Work Hard: Utilize the “Work Harder” option every year to enhance your performance.
  • Avoid Trouble: Stay away from actions that might get you dishonorably discharged, such as committing crimes or refusing orders.
  • Stay Fit and Healthy: Regularly visit the gym and maintain good health to ensure you can handle the physical demands of naval service.

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How To Complete The Seaman Challenge In BitLife

Purchase a Boat

To complete the nautical theme, purchase a boat. Here’s how:

  • Save Money: Throughout your naval career, save money to afford a boat.
  • Buy a Boat: Go to the “Assets” tab, then “Go Shopping,” and select “Boats.” Choose a boat that you can afford and make the purchase.

Retire from the Navy

After serving an important amount of time in the Navy (usually 20 years for full benefits), retire honorably. This will likely be the final step in your Seaman Challenge.


Successfully completing the Seaman Challenge in BitLife requires careful planning & dedication. By following these steps—joining the Navy, marrying Sandy, having a son named Sailor, purchasing a boat, and finally retiring from the Navy—you’ll be able to navigate the challenge smoothly. Enjoy the nautical adventure and the rewards that come with achieving the Seaman Challenge!

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